GM To Build EV Charging Network in Rural America

While there is a great supply of EV charging stations in urban areas, anyone living or regularly traveling to more rural parts of America will know how difficult it can be to get a charge. This is especially the case when it comes to the distances and locations of charge points. 

But GM has now announced that it will be installing thousands of charging stations in rural areas to make it more attractive for larger portions of the non-city population to make the switch to EVs. CNN had some more details of this announcement that could make a big difference to the practicality of charging. These will not be so-called “Level 3” fast chargers — the sort that can charge an EV to 80% of its battery capacity in 30 minutes or so — but will be slower “Level 2” chargers, albeit relatively powerful ones. They will go in places where EV drivers might leave their vehicles parked for a couple of hours such as parks, sports venues or downtown shopping districts.

What that means is that it will become increasingly easy to plan longer trips with an EV without having to worry about how you will bridge the gap between charge points. 

And by having these new chargers near parks and other tourist attractions, it will be even more practical than ever before. 


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