Danish Wind Turbine Maker Commits To Recyclable Turbines

Vestas Wind Systems is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines, and the Danish company has stepped up to the challenge even further, reducing carbaon emissions in the production processes. 

The company has also committed to making more of the materials used in its wind turbines recyclable and reusable to reduce the amount of end-of-life waste tied up in them. The Environmental Leader has reported some details about how the company is trying to further reduce carbon emissions. While Vestas conspicuously helps other enterprises achieve their energy goals by making and selling wind turbines, it is quietly trying to decarbonize its internal operations. The goal is carbon neutrality for its internal operations and the electricity it produces by 2030 — scopes 1 and 2. It will do so without using carbon offsets.

This is a very inspiring story, as people often don’t realize that those companies that help others become more environmentally and climate-friendly have to be held to the same standards. 

And doing so in a proactive way without the use of carbon offsets makes this a very interesting and challenging approach for a very large company. 


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