Bridgestone Americas Announces Major Investment In Tire Recycling

The Bridgestone Bandag plant in Abilene, Texas, will receive a $60 million investment for a 50,000-square-foot expansion plan. It will allow the already huge facility to process even more tires to ensure they are retreated or completely broken down. 

Since its inception in 1957, the plant has processed over 300 million tires, which has had a huge positive impact on everything from natural resource usage to water consumption and reduced landfill waste. The Environmental Leader has published some interesting details.

“This expansion will allow Bridgestone to increase the Abilene plant’s output of these recycled tires by 16%, creating more accessibility in the marketplace for environmentally friendly products.”

The great thing about this plan is that some of the investment will pay off with an immediate increase in processing using existing equipment. And the investment will also go towards better planning for carbon-capturing the end of life tires. 

With over a billion tires worldwide reaching an end-of-life status, this could be a project that could inspire other countries and companies to take important climate action. 


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