Green Skyscrapers Coming To China

Architecture firm MVRDV has published plans of twin skyscrapers planned for Nanjing, China, that take green planning and construction in quite literal terms. Not only will this be a carbon-neutral project, but the buildings and open areas will be covered in trees. 

The firm is based in the Netherlands and won a competition for designing the nature-inspired Oasis Towers. Each of the towers will be 450 feet tall (150 meters), and a central area between the towers will look like an amazingly green park. Treehugger had a report that detailed some of the practicalities this approach will provide.

“This park-like space has a number of functions: it provides cooling and biodiversity, the canopy offers privacy by shielding the residents of the upper floors from the shoppers below, and it creates a walkable environment that connects the two plots across the central road.”

What’s fascinating about the design is that even the structure of buildings has an almost random and nature-inspired shape. It’s not a perfectly symmetrical building, and that’s what makes it such an appealing addition to the business district surrounded by the typical skyscrapers you see all over the world.


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