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Field-Based Planetary Protection Operations for Melt Probes: Validation of Clean Access into the Blood Falls, Antarctica, Englacial Ecosystem

Subglacial environments on Earth offer important analogs to Ocean World targets in our solar system. These unique microbial ecosystems remain understudied due to the challenges of access through thick glacial ice (tens to hundreds of meters). Additionally, sub-ice collections must be conducted in a clean manner to ensure sample integrity for downstream microbiological and geochemical […]

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Climate Change

Climate Change May Lead to Massive Tsunamis From Antarctica – Study

Climate change may lead to massive tsunamis from Antarctica, according to a study published last week in the peer-reviewed Nature Communications journal. The study explained that the tsunamis would potentially be caused by submarine landslides – a phenomenon in which marine landslides push buildups of weak sediment into the open ocean, causing tsunamis. The discovery was made after scientists drilled underwater […]

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