New Legislation In California Tackles Large-Scale Climate Issues

In just one single day, a total of five new pieces of legislation passed the state legislature in California, and all of them directly involved climate action. From making more funding available for clean energy projects to limiting oil and gas exploration, these are sweeping new laws with deadlines. 

They even include a pledge of carbon neutrality by 2045, which is earlier than previous announcements had indicated. EcoWatch had some interesting things to share highlighting how significant these laws might become.

“In addition, the state budget included a record-breaking $54 billion to be spent on climate programs over the next five years, The New York Times reported. It would put $6.1 billion towards electric vehicles, $14.8 billion towards public transit projects, more than $8 billion towards stabilizing the electric grid, $2.7 billion towards preventing wildfires and $2.8 billion towards managing drought.”

This is a very wide range of investment opportunities that are available on top of the federal ones available through the Inflation Reduction Act. 

This will boost the viability of countless projects that can have a real and lasting impact on the climate issues that California is facing right now and in the future.


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