Greece To Turn Abandoned Airport into Coastal Eco Park

Greece is a large dry country with not a lot of green vegetation, and that means there are even greater risks to vegetation and wildlife from climate change. 

But an old abandoned airport will now be redesigned into an eco-park and cultural center on over 600 acres. It will be located near Athens, and development will begin in 2023. 

The site was last used in 2001, and it has become a concrete desert that is a significant eyesore on the beautiful coastline. 

Some of the old buildings will be repurposed into visitor centers, and the runway will also remain in place. But surrounding all this, there will be a huge replacing project of native plant species and over 30,000 trees. CNN Travel has some details to share about this amazing transformation. “Throughout the park’s grounds, only species native to Greece will be planted, including 31,000 trees from 86 species and more than 3 million plants. Designers collaborated with Greek nurseries to source native seed mixes that would provide ecological benefits, while also thriving in the region’s increasingly arid climate.”

Not only will this become a huge attraction for visitors and locals, but it should inspire cities and countries around the world to come up with similar plans for deserted urban areas.


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