Turkey aims to almost double electricity generation capacity by 2035

Turkey’s National Energy Plan for 2035 revealed the ambition to boost solar power capacity by five times and triple the total size of wind power plants. The country intends to increase total electricity generation capacity to 189.7 GW, mostly with renewables. Last year it surpassed the 100 GW threshold.

Turkey published its National Energy Plan for the period until 2035, laying out steps toward reaching the target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2053. The combined capacity of power plants in the country is seen at 189.7 GW. In comparison, the level topped 100 GW early last year. Renewables account for 74.3% of the planned additions.

Green electricity’s share in capacity is projected at 64.7%. Statistics show they accounted for 54% one year ago. The target shows would continue to significantly rely on fossil fuels.Turkey counts on its vast newly discovered offshore gas reserves. Its coal power plant pipeline is one of the biggest in the world.

Nevertheless, expansion in the solar and wind power sectors remains impressive and the country is determined to spur investments in equipment.

Turkey’s goal for solar power for 2035 is 59.9 GW compared to approximately 9 GW of total photovoltaic capacity that it currently hosts.

In 2035, wind power plants should have a combined 29.6 GW, the document reads, of which 5 GW would be offshore. It implies almost tripling the capacity as in 2022 the gauge topped 11 GW. The goal for solar power is 59.9 GW. Turkey currently hosts approximately 9 GW of photovoltaic capacity.

Hydropower plants now have the largest share. They are planned to grow to 35.1 GW in total by 2035, compared to 31.5 GW as of last March. The first segment of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant Akkuyu is scheduled to be commissioned this year. The National Energy Plan aims at a total nuclear energy capacity of 7.2 GW at the end of the period.

Annual electricity consumption is expected to grow 3.5% per year until 2035 to hit 510.5 TWh.


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