Zoo announces the birth of adorable endangered leaf monkey

This “pumpkin-haired” fur baby was born right in time for Halloween. The Saint Louis Zoo announced the birth of its first-ever Francois’ langur, an endangered species also known as a leaf monkey, according to KMOV4.

The now-1-month-old Rhubarb was born on Sept. 30 in its Primate Canopy Trails area, the Missouri zoo posted on Facebook.

Zookeepers cared for the little one until her mother, Dolly, 16, was healthy enough to take over the role.

Rhubarb, a 1-month-old female Francois’ langur.
An endangered leaf money was born at the Saint Louis Zoo.
Rhubarb, a 1-month-old female Francois’ langur.
The adorable Francois’ langur is named Rhubarb.

Rhubarb’s birth is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, which works to maintain a healthy population of Francois’ langurs in North American zoos.

“Dolly has been a phenomenal mother and, through the benefit of her having a great relationship with the keeper staff, has been incredibly accommodating to the supportive care that she and Rhubarb needed to get back on track,” Ethan Riepl, primate keeper and Francois’ Langur species survival plan vice coordinator, told the outlet.


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