Fiji Needs to Focus On Sustainable Tourism

Fiji’s tourism sector should continue to focus on sustainable development amidst the accelerating problems brought about by climate change, Tourism Fiji Chief Executive Brent Hill said on Tuesday.

According to Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, Hill said that they will focus on development that promotes the island nation’s natural environment to holidaymakers.

With the increasing number of visitors there will definitely be a lot of waste, he said, adding that this is why it is critical for those in the industry to ensure they play their part in keeping the environment clean.

“Fiji must ensure that our beautiful islands and our unique cultures are preserved for generations to come. We are stewards of this land and we offer what the demand trends are shaping into and to keep up with the challenging markets.”

Hill said that their message to tourism stakeholders has been to maintain Fiji’s pristine environment as this is one of their main attractions that brings in thousands of travelers to their shores.

Tourism Fiji also launched its newest campaign — the Shot of Happiness Project on Monday.

The new campaign aims to show how people can embrace the beauty of unedited moments in their lives and hopes to inspire the world to re-wire their social media muscles to spark more moments of authentic happiness, inspired by the Fijian people’s infectious joy and vibrant culture.

The tourism industry, which accounts for about 40 percent of Fiji’s gross domestic product and employs approximately 150,000 people, directly and indirectly, is the backbone of the economy and the biggest foreign exchange earner for the island nation.

Last year, Fiji received 636,312 foreign tourists, or 71 percent of the figure recorded in 2019. And this year, Tourism Fiji is anticipating more than 700,000 visitors to come for holidays in the island nation. 


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