Budweiser Europe’s ‘Ground Cooler’ Beer Fridge Needs No Electricity to Run in Hot Weather

This year again, heat waves with peaks of 43°C are raging in many parts of the world, increasing energy demand. However, not everyone can cope with global warming in the same manner. In countries like Morocco, Ghana, Mali, India and Pakistan, around 48% of these territories do not have regular access to electricity. In those time periods, the demand for cold beverages in these areas has increased by approximately 14% over the last 10 years. The consumption of cold beverages has the ability to reduce sweat output and lower body temperature. But without electricity (lack of network, power cuts, power outages…) and by default with no working refrigerators, local entrepreneurs cannot sell cold beverages. 

In order to alleviate this problem, Budweiser and BETC Paris in partnership with frog have designed and created the Bud Ground Cooler.

The first sustainable electricity-free fridge that goes below 8°C. 

The Bud Ground Cooler was inspired by an ancient 40 000-year-old cooling technique used in antiquity by Egyptians and Indus Valley civilisations that uses the geothermal cooling properties of the ground to capture freshness. 

The Bud Ground Cooler takes it further. Before, this cooling system could cool up to 15 degrees – with the Bud Ground Cooler, it now goes under 8°C. The perfect temperature for drinks.

Babatope Aiku, thermodynamics engineer at frog, says, “For this innovation we have modernized a traditional underground cooling solution and pushed it further. How? We placed 9-cylinder clay pots, that hold the beverages, four meters below the ground where the air is refreshed by evaporation. With new ultra-performing clay cylinder pots, we have doubled air circulation increasing freshness. The fresh air below ground is cooled off even more thanks to an air current that descends through a mast that sits 4,5 meters high in a process known as the venturi effect: cool air above simply flows down the pipe directly into the ground to cool beers to under eight degrees. It is a real technical achievement: the Ground Cooler is now the first electricity-free fridge that goes under 8°C”

THE BUD GROUND COOLER can stock up to 300 bottles or cans at below 8°C, even in hot and humid weather. 

The design of the Bud Ground Cooler is also extremely practical for countries suffering from extreme heat. With an umbrella-like top that shades from the scorching sun, the Ground Bud Cooler isn’t just a cooler, it’s the ideal place to gather and refresh from the heat.

After Morocco, Budweiser plans to install more Bud Ground Coolers in various regions with electricity issues or shortcuts. The brand always strives to bring together business, design & technology to create long-term positive and sustainable impact for consumers, companies, and generations to come.

David Martin Angelus, creative director at BETC Paris, adds, “THE BUD GROUND COOLER goes beyond simple advertising. It’s true innovation that supports communities in need with simple things that in developed countries we take for granted. A low tech, zero-emission innovative solution that can scale and be good for businesses, people and the planet.”

Sadly, because global warming is a reality and people living in developing countries are the most affected by the climate crisis. Innovation like THE BUD GROUND COOLER can become a long-term sustainable solution to help those affected by extreme heat.

Source: lbbonline


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