3 Durham Parks Above EPA Threshold For Lead Contamination

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Soil collection for several Durham parks has been completed.

This comes after elevated lead contamination was found in some of these parks back in June.

The soil was collected from Walltown, East End, East Durham, Lyon and Northgate Parks.

On Thursday, the City of Durham received the following preliminary information from Mid-Atlantic Associates.

The study revealed that eight soil samples from East Durham Park and seven soil samples from Walltown Park measured greater than the EPA threshold of 400 ppm, or parts per million. One ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram of something per kilogram of soil.

On Friday, CBS 17 went out to both East Durham Park and Walltown Park and noticed orange fencing and signs in different areas of each park.

“When it’s on the surface it doesn’t stay in one spot. It moves around. People walk in the area,” stated Danielle Doughman.

Doughman lives a couple of blocks away from Walltown Park. She said she’s still skeptical.

“There’s no confidence that just because those areas are fenced off, the rest of the park is perfectly safe,” she said.

The study also identified six soil samples at East End Park that measured greater than 400 ppm. The City of Durham says they have fenced off part of the property.

Based on this information, city officials have decided to prohibit access to any sampled area within a park measuring above this threshold.

Fencing and detailed signs will be installed to mark the area and provide educational and health resources no later than Friday.

Since June, community members expressed concerns to CBS 17 over the potential health risks. Doughman even told us back in June there’s a lot of community distrust.

CBS 17’s Nick Sturdivant: “Did they gain some trust back? Did the city gain some trust back?”

“It’s good that this signage and this fencing are up today, but what I would’ve expected from day zero from when they found out,” Doughman said as she shook her head.

Source : CBS17


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