Switzerland Considers Ban On Factory Cattle Farming

The environmental damage of cattle farming has long been highlighted by climate activists. And in large-scale industrial farming practices, the problem is even further intensified. 

But Switzerland has put forward the Factory Farming Initiative to popular vote. It means that the Swiss people will get a say in whether to end these unsustainable and extremely damaging practices. 

This is coming from a country that has long been highly supportive of animal welfare, so there is a good chance that such a bill can make a difference due to popular support. 

EcoWatch had an interesting report that highlighted some details.

“Currently, farms in Switzerland are limited to 300 veal calves, 1,500 pigs or 27,000 broiler chickens, according to Time. The new initiative, if passed, would up these standards using organic regulator Bio Suisse guidelines that limit pigs per barn to 1,000 and hens to pen to 2,000.”

The good news is that the small farmers’ organization in Switzerland is in favor of the new ban, and this could help thousands of smaller businesses to compete nationally. 

This kind of approach could also serve as a blueprint for other countries to reduce unsustainable practices in a way that will add benefit to the food industry.


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